Scribblenauts Unmasked 3ds

Are you ready to set off on a groundbreaking adventure in the world of words that spring to life making just about any object you can think of instantly appear on the screen? Scribblenauts will take you across 50 challenging levels, each posing a problem you have to solve by summoning items, animals and even people that can come in handy in that particular situation. There is no fixed way of solving each puzzle: you can think of multiple solutions and enjoy a new outcome each time a level is replayed. The game dictionary includes over 35,000 words ranging from nouns to adjectives giving you the ability to get maximally specific. Objects can also be combined into other ones to fulfill your need for a more complex solution in puzzles with a high difficulty level.

There is also a story of a charming character named Maxwell behind the game who is traveling in this imaginative world seeking for a cure that would break the curse casted on his sister. To complete the level, he must get the Starite. You also receive extra points for sticking to the conditions of each quest: for instance, using a maximum of two objects or getting it done without summoning any particular ones. Scribblenauts also feature a few other fascinating modes. If you are willing to see how far you can go in your ability to create stuff, try the Sandbox where you can summon literally anything, without being restricted by any specific rules. There is also an option of multiplayer allowing you to compete up to 4 of your friends in a card-based strategy requiring a good deal of tactical thinking. Overall, Scribblenauts is an immensely thrilling game that won’t let you tear off the screen for hours! It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are a boy or a girl – this is a game for everyone! Try it on our site and see for yourself!