Scribblenauts Showdown

When Scribblenauts Showdown first launched, people were a bit suspicious about it. It seemed like a stripped-up version of the original game bringing the create-anything concept of summoning various objects into an interacting environment down to a pack of quick party games with the same mechanics. However, while definitely tightening the gameplay we all got used to, it also brings in more action and of course the ability to compete with friends. So if you are willing to try a revamped release of the legendary card-based board game and see what the development team has added for it to be even more fun, Scribblenauts Showdown is an absolute mustplay for you!

The multiplayer mode gives the ideas behind Scribblenauts a new boost while keeping most of the game’s charm intact. There are three options of game length: 15, 30 and 45 minutes. The amount of time affects the size of the board. Each player gets to choose one of the famous Scribblenauts characters, including Maxwell, his twin sister Lily and even Santa Claus. There is also an opportunity to customize your Scribblenaut using the variety of outfits available.

As the game beings, you get four cards. Then players take turn drawing and playing the cards they were dealt to  activate one of the mini-games. Some of them are word-based, but there are also a vast number of party games. Different card types require you to do different actions: moving ahead a few spaces, throwing your rival back, stealing another player’s card and so on. While word-based games are something we all know from the classic Scribblenauts, action games may require you to perform a task within a short timespan, collect objects faster than the other players or simply check the speed of fingers hitting the buttons to accomplish a certain goal. n general, the card-based system allows you to play more strategically and use your strong and weak points wisely to outsmart your opponents.

And lastly, you can also enjoy the Sandbox mode that gives you access to full Scribblenauts dictionary allowing you to summon just about anything you can think of across eight different locations! So you won’t really have to miss the good old Scribblenauts yet you will definitely appreciate all the new features!