Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts never stop surprising us with their creativity! This is a game you can replay thousands of times finding new, unexpected solutions for the same puzzle. The rules are simple: look around, analyze the situation you’ve been placed in and think of the objects you need to solve it. Ready? Now type the names of those objects on the screen. You’ll see them appear on the map!   There is no single recipe for dealing with each task. This is the thrill of Scribblenauts: for every situation there are countless solutions, all depending on how far your imagination can go. The game vocabulary contains 35,000 words you can use in your endeavors. Make sure to get the Starite to complete the level. There are a total of 50 levels of different complexity that you need to clear in order to help you twin sister who got turned to stone. You can create your own Scribblenaut by dressing him into various cool outfits and trying a number of hairstyles, team up with other players in Showdown Mode or create objects to your liking in the Sandbox. By purchasing a World Pass, you can also get 40 extra levels and automatically upgrade to all future worlds released that will be added to your game for free!