Scribblenauts for Android

Imagine the world of limitless possibilities where you only need to think of the stuff you need and type a few words on the screen for it to appear before you! Such world exists in the Scribblenauts universe! This game will send you on a fascinating adventure across hundreds of puzzling levels, each challenging you to solve a certain problem by summoning a certain number of objects. It can be anything, from tools and vehicles to living beings. There are even a couple of celebrities at hand whose help you can use! At first, the situations will be simple: fixing a broken car, entertaining a child and the like. But as you proceed to more complex levels, you’ll face rather strange dilemmas that will make you scratch your head in bewilderment. How to ride a dinosaur? How to make a choir of singing birds shut up? We have no doubt you will figure that out! Note that the objects can be combined into various constructions. And don’t forget about the option of adding adjectives to the mix to make sure the object you summoned completely fits your requirements! Set off on a fantastic trip that will take you to the most unexpected locations and surprise yourself by finding the key to seemingly unsolvable tasks!