Scribblenauts 3DS

Finally our favorite puzzle game is available on iOS! Scribblenauts 3DS will take you on a fascinating trip across the world of magic. The goal is to solve various tasks by summoning different objects that can be conjured up when you type the corresponding word on the screen. Scribblenauts feature a very broad vocabulary with tenths of thousands of words available to use for your purposes. Aside from just typing the name of the object you want to call up, you can specify its size, color and other qualities by adding adjectives. The best thing about the game is that there is no single solution: each time, you can unravel the puzzle using a variety of ways. It all depends on your imagination! Since the gameplay is so open, you can choose to behave peacefully or violently. Some tasks may be too difficult for small players, but it’s still a good tool in helping the kid develop logic and ingenuity. If you like competing, than you should definitely sign up in the Game Center social network to share your achievements! Enjoy Scribblenauts on your iPhone or iPad and keep your brain in good shape by solving hundreds of puzzles resorting to a different strategy each time you decide to replay a certain game!