Scribblenauts 3

Scribblenauts 3 are now available in multiplayer mode! Challenge your friends to an intellectual duel and see who’s the smartest of all! The Showdown mode allows you to set up competitions with up to 4 players in over 25 mini games. The goal has remained unchanged: summon objects from the vast Scribblenauts dictionary spanning over 35,000 words and use them to unravel the puzzle! You’ll be put in real-life situations and utterly fantastic ones. It’s only up to you which way to choose for completing the task at hand! Conjure weapons, vehicles, food, household appliances, even famous people! Combine various items to create a totally new object that can solve your problem. Add adjectives to better describe what you have in mind. If you prefer to play tete-a-tete, try to outsmart your friend in the Versus mode. And of course don’t forget to try your hand in the Sandbox where you can create just about anything across 8 themed levels! Why go through all the difficulties alone? Now you can play Scribblenauts with your friends and have even more fun! See what developers have prepared for you in these new Scribblenauts modes and prepare for a thrilling online adventure that will make your brain boil!