Scribblenauts 2018

If you could draw any object and watch it spring alive before your eyes, what would it be? Scribblenauts offer you an exciting challenge – solve myriads of puzzles with the help of a magic notebook that allows you to conjure things by writing out their names! With a weapon like that, there is no riddle you can’t beat. Any obstacle life can put in your way is easy to overcome with the ability of introducing literally anything into play! However, you need to be specific. If you need not just any boat, but a big one, make sure to throw the word ‘big’ into the list.

So, what exactly is your part in the Scribblenauts 2018? Just travel around, meet different characters that require your assistance and try to help them the best way you can. At the beginning, you will run into a kid who is desperate to get entertained and it’s up to you to decide how to amend this issue. You may come up with plenty of options, from summoning a clown to setting up a party, and the only way to see what works best is to type the words on the screen and check out what happens.

Sometimes the solution seems obvious, but the puzzle at hand might turn out to be trickier than you thought. The further the story runs the more creative you should be in your spelling and summoning endeavors. The logic of some levels might seem outright freaky, but don’t give up – go for something unexpected and see how the situation changes!

But why do you need to bother with all these unhappy people anyway? You have a noble mission before you: your twin sister was cursed and turned to stone and now you need to do as much good as possible to break the dark magic. Hopefully, you’ll succeed in this task and reunite with your dear Lily after completing all the levels and adding a few kilos to your brain weight!