Scribblenauts 2

Scribblenauts 2 is a unique game combining the elements of puzzle and card-based strategy. Your are going to play as Maxwell, a boy with a rare talent of conjuring things to life by typing their names on the screen. He is on a trip across the imagination land full of challenges and riddles. To solve them, he needs to summon the right objects to use in the situation at hand. Succeeding in the task that can be rather tricky will bring you a Starite – the more you collect the higher your ranking will be. Need to do something about a broken car? Try to summon an engineer or conjuring a tow truck. The list of words available can be found in the Scribblenauts dictionary. Moreover, you can combine the names of the objects with adjectives to specify what exactly you need to handle the current task. Tired of racking your brain over countless puzzles? Switch to action levels that will give you a break sending you on a wild side-scrolling run in the style of classic platformers!