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We all love Scribblenauts for its imaginative concept and the witty way of incorporating a variety of cultural references into the gameplay. However, not everyone actually likes that. The people behind two of the most famous cat memes in the web have sued Scribblenauts for making unauthorized use of their intellectual property. Christopher Orlando Torres and Charles Schmidt have filed a trademark infringement suit accusing Warner Brothers of mentioning the images of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat without prior agreement. After the characters got popular several years ago, Schmidt and Torres have claimed their rights to the memes and have protected them fiercely from any attempts to benefit from the cats’ fame.

The argument exploded after the two have dug into Scribblenauts Easter eggs and found a pair featuring the notorious felines. If you write ‘Keyboard Cat’ in a few games, you’ll summon a blue-shirted cat with a keyboard while the image of a Pop-Tart gray cat will appear in Scribblenauts Unlimited after typing ‘Nyan Cat.’ Schmidt and Torres have registered copyrights for both memes. According to them, using the cats in Scribblenauts can be compared with copypasting a character created by Warner Brothers into a game made by someone else. Aside from that, the two claim that using trademarked memes in Scribblenauts is exactly what has made the game so successful and profitable. They demand an unspecified financial compensation and ask Warner Brothers to cover the court costs.

This isn’t the first lawsuit of the kind filed by the restless pair. Just several years ago, Schmidt accused Threadless of infringing on his meme by bringing a ‘Three Keyboard Cat Moon’ shirt to the market. So far, we can only wonder how the case will be settled. Let’s just hope it won’t affect our favorite Scribblenauts!