Scribblenauts Games Play Online

Word puzzles are nothing to surprise us anymore. Imagine, though, one packing a hefty portion of action and giving you complete freedom in accomplishing your goal! There is a game like that and it’s called Scribblenauts! We bet you never saw something of the sort. If you are ready to test your ingenuity and spelling, why waiting any longer?


Write, summon, have fun!

Meet Maxwell, a charming character who has a magical notebook allowing him to summon just about anything that comes to his mind – if he can write that. To clear the level, you need to gather special objects called Starites. Control Maxwell by tapping the screen. When you tap an object, the hero will either pick it up or interact it in any other way. For instance, you can shoot a weapon you are holding or ride a bicycle.

To summon the needed item, you just need to write its name on the screen. This option will come in handy in difficult situations: for instance, if there is a Starite hanging up in the sky out of your reach, you can summon a ladder and climb to get it. You can also link separate items to create something that will help you on your hunt for Starites. Can you think of a way to ride on a raptor? It’s easy: just conjure a pole and link a slice of meat to it.

The range of objects you can summon is infinite. It includes household items, various instruments, vehicles, weapons, forces of nature, animals and even celebrities. To help you, developers have added a system of homonyms that suggests possible options of close-sounding words. And if you are afraid of misspelling the name of a certain object, don’t worry – there is a spellchecker to take care of that.

Hundreds of puzzles to solve!

Scribblenauts are broken into 220 levels spanning 10 locations of different difficulty. There are two types of them – action levels and puzzles. While action levels are similar to side-scrolling platformers with a standard set of obstacles and traps, puzzles challenge you to solve a real-life situation using your conjuring ability. Each puzzle gives you a par of 2 to 4 for the number of summoned objects although you are not limited by it. If you succeed, you get the Starite and a silver star. Replaying the level three times in a row without repeated use of the objects you already summoned grants you a gold star. If you manage to complete the level without breaking a certain rule – for instance, without conjuring any weapons – you also receive Merits. As you proceed through levels, you’ll learn the story of Maxwell’s family and his twin sister Lily.

And finally, there is also a level editor allowing you to come up with your own puzzle and share it with other players. You can take any level you’ve already completed and complicate it with new game properties and objects. Let your imagination fly, don’t be limited by what you would typically expect from a situation! In this world, everything is possible, even bears eating planes! Plunge into an amazing virtual adventure with Maxwell and see what else Scribblenauts have in store for you!